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Who are we?

We are a marketplace for parents. It is just like craigslist or eBay for baby gear, where parents can sell new or gently used baby gear and other parents can buy directly with the sellers

How do I get paid?

You get paid instantly to your PayPal account when someone purchases your item.

What are the fees?

It is free to list items for sale. Only when an item sells we will deduct 8% from the payment automatically.

Who pays shipping?

Buyer pays shipping. You can mention the shipping cost separately from the price.

What is the guidance on shipping?

You will receive Buyer's shipping address along with the payment. It is your responsibilty to pack and ship the items. Use old cardboard boxes or free boxes available at any USPS store. All items must be shipped with tracking information. In addition items over $150 must require signature delivery (provided by all carriers).

What can I sell?

Your new and gently used baby gear and products e.g. toys, furniture and appliances your baby has outgrown, clothes received in gifts or anything else. What you cannot post are- medicines, unsealed food, worn out or dirty clothes, used hygiene products like aspirator, thermometer etc.

Is my PayPal safe to share?

Absolutely. Your PayPal ID is nothing but you email address, so it is completely safe to share it with anyone. However, we do not share your PayPal ID with Buyer until the point the Buyer makes the payment.

What is the PayPal authorization you require when listing an item for sale?

We require from sellers the authorization to process a refund to the Buyer in case the Buyer cancels a purchase. However, the cancellation has to be approved by you first, we do not automatically do it. Also cancellation requests from Buyer are not allowed after the item has been shipped.

Takes only 5 minutes

1. Have your PayPal ID ready and at least 1 photo of each item you want to sell

2. Post using the link below

3. You will be responsible for shipping the item to the buyer after it sells and after you have received the payment. Site will help you calculate the shipping cost

4. Contact us on Email, Tel or LiveChat provided below if you have any questions


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Telephone:1 888-469-3779